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Join us as we explore the advancements in general practice data and analytics, as Ben sits down with Dr Nigel Fraser, Dr Mike Hearne, and Conor Price. They share their invaluable insights on the early initiatives of data sharing using EMIS and the importance of establishing trust among practices. Together, they unravel the complexities of standardising data to enhance collaborative healthcare and reflect on the journey from the initial phases to the sophisticated state of data utilisation today.

Listen in as they tackle the significant strides made in healthcare data management and the importance of standardised coding templates, the trust required in data sharing, and the role of mobile healthcare in addressing critical issues. They also discuss the creation of robust data management teams and the strategic deployment of data to advocate for primary care investments, all while recognising the undeniable power of data in steering healthcare improvements and fortifying practice support within the larger system..

Many thanks to Ben Gowland at Ockham Health for this podcast.

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