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Primary Care Collaboration

With Primary care collaboration you will receive the offer of capacity and capability through:

  • Strategic Leadership; access to senior roles for analytical leadership, PCN representation, Senior level engagement
  • Nominated Primary Care Information leads; providing actionable insight and developing new analysis and dashboards
  • Operational support; to enhance data effectiveness, improve efficiencies and work with you to improve any data quality issues
  • Analyst network; bringing local PCN analysts, IT leads and QOF leads together to share best practice and reduce duplication
  • Supporting local upskilling; providing training opportunities for your local staff to support their understanding of data and ability to embed this in everyday decision making

Collaboration plus would entitle clients to all of the benefits above, with the additional access to our portal package of dashboards.

Fixed cost per registered population.

Primary Care Portal

With Primary care portal you will receive the offer of capacity and capability through:

  • Access to our secure portal to a range of dashboards, all pre-loaded with your data
  • Access to all new dashboards as they’re developed
  • Opportunity to shape new dashboard products
  • Live webinar on sign up to talk through dashboards and their navigation for your local users

Fixed cost per registered population.

Primary Care Consultancy

Through our consultancy service you have the opportunity to tailor what support you need including:

  • A personalised set of dashboards
  • Bespoke training programmes such as care navigation, embedding data or information governance
  • Programmes of work to target local health inequalities, capacity access or other contractual improvements